Ethan Beach is an actor, writer, editor, and director living in New York City. He shoots, he edits, and he knows technical stuff and creative stuff as well. He also performs live comedy of all varieties at various shows including his own show at Union Hall. 

Ethan also works in "the industry". He has interned under Sam Raimi, CBS Television, and Scott Rudin, and has worked at a lot of New York City productions/companies doing video and film things.

Ethan graduated from Pratt Institute in Film/Video, so he is both a filmmaker, and an "artiste". He is well-connected in the New York City "art scene". 

Ethan is very talented. If you would like to email Ethan about a project, feel free to "drop him a line" at beachethanbeach@gmail.com.

"Hey, this is Ethan Beach, writing this message. I figured I'd send a personal message to my fans, so here it is. Enjoy the page!"

- Ethan Beach